How To Capitalize Economically On Empty Space

As the global population increases, space in any form becomes a premium – ask the Japanese, whose capital Tokyo has the highest population density and the smallest apartments in the world. If you are lucky enough to own a large garage, loft or warehouse and don’t really have a pressing need for it, here are a few suggestions on how to turn it into money without resorting to selling it.
Fitness Fanatics Need SpaceThe most important thing to remember is to rent or lease out to a business or group who will actually make money. So do not even consider turning it into an art gallery, no matter how hip it will make you feel. The fitness industry is peaking these days, with individual trainers making some of the top bucks in the world. Rent out to a fitness group looking for a yoga studio, or to set up martial arts classes. The bonus is that the space will need minimum fixing up as all they basically need is a changing/ shower area, and just wide open space in which to bend, stretch and do some karate chops.
Fast growing BusinessesThis option is a little tricky as it involves good judgement on your part about the future of the company or business you are renting to. A start- up looking to expand is good if the market is right; a struggling shoe manufacturer is bad news. Make sure to check their past profits and paper work and obtain a credit report before signing anything away. Insist on your prior permission before allowing them to make any changes to the space – businesses are notorious for trying to own the buildings they rent and “improvements” are one way for them to legally claim ownership, also check this great kids muay thai.
Everyone Needs Storage SpaceThe storage space business is one of the most lucrative ways of using your space, especially if you live close to an urban area. While this involves considerable modification to the building, it will pay back in leaps and bounds. Separate the area into small units of two or three varying sizes with garage style doors. Make sure they can be secured with heavy duty padlocks. Install a good security system as this will be one of the selling points of your business. Hire a night guard to make the rounds as storage spaces sometimes attract thieves and loafers. Once the infrastructure is complete, draw up a rate card starting from 1 week all the way up to 5 years and enjoy the profits.