How To Become Both Fit And Healthy

It is important to be both fit and healthy. Fitness is when you are focused on losing weight and toning your muscles but it is important to understand that losing too much weight can be just as unhealthy as gaining too much weight therefore there should be a balance between eating and exercise.

Eating healthy and exercise

Eating healthy food can to wonders in your life. Eating a balanced diet and a lot of vegetables can help you control your diet; it makes you more alert and also tends to give you more energy to carry out daily tasks.

However, just by eating healthy will not make you both fit and strong therefore daily exercise is very important. There are many different forms of exercise available therefore you can find out what works best for you. If you are someone who needs to engage in a structured workout with a trainer telling you what to do then going to the gym Essendon will be a good option. However if you do not like being told for long you are supposed to run for, you can work out on your own at home using exercise clips available online which can guide you through the steps so you know you are doing it properly.

The beginning can be the hardest. After a few days of long jogs and weight lifting you might get fed up and want to quit but the key is to continue until the exercise sessions become a part of your daily routine. There are various options you could try to keep you interested such as listening to motivational tapes or songs while you exercise. Working out with a friend can also be beneficial and have a personal trainer in Niddrie by your side to both support and motivate you will make you less likely to quit and will make the process a fun one.

The factors that drive you to succeed

If you feel like you have gained too much weight and have a goal to lose a certain amount of bulk before a period of time the first thing you need in order to do this in intrinsic motivation. This is motivation that comes from within which makes us want to accomplish goals for ourselves. However, if you have extrinsic motivation this is will drive you to succeed but for the wrong reasons as you only want to accomplish the task to gain external rewards such as money and praise. For example if your goal to lose weight is because you want people to praise and compliment you once the praising and compliments stops you will most likely to put the weight back on. However, if you lose weight for internal reasons such as wanting to feel good about yourself or to gain a sense of self confidence then you are more likely to keep the weight off indefinitely.